Lab Space


Cambridge Research Systems Display++ LCD Monitor


This system calibrates the luminance of visual stimuli with precision timing and serves as a touch screen monitor.

Tobii TX 300 Eye-tracker


This system records eye movements with high precision timing and accuracy. Sampling rate is 300 Hz.

Mirror Stereoscope


This simple equipment allows one to present a different stimulus to each eye to answer questions about visual consciousness. Due to the conflicting nature of the stimuli, the brain perceives one consciously and the other subliminally.

Desktop computing

The lab is equipped with desktops for the purposes of visual psychophysics and analysing fMRI data. Desktops run either Windows or Linux. Software includes E-Prime, Matlab, Psychtoolbox, Adobe products (including Flash Professional), and a number of packages for analysing fMRI data (SPM, FSL, and Freesurfer).

Mobile Computing

The lab is also equipped with mobile computers. This allows testing in schools as well as bringing presentation programs to the MRI scanner.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Lab members carry out fMRI using the neuroimaging facilities at the Swinburne University of Technology (in Melbourne). The centre houses a Siemens 3T Tim Trio. For more information: